We are revolutionising the healthcare industry in 3 words: access, autonomy & synergy

We provide the solution
to today’s health record crisis

Responding to the needs of a globalized world, our decentralized holistic healthcare ecosystem facilitates a harmonious exchange of healthcare data between stakeholders worldwide. We are removing arbitrary borders in data access and utlization to create a more connected, secure and progressive healthcare system for patients, care providers, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies alike.

What we do

Our blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem will store medical records and healthcare data of patients globally providing:


Patients will have access to their health & fitness data allowing them to make informed decisions on diet and lifestyle. Healthcare providers will have access to health data, allowing them to give diagnosis & treatment options. Researchers will have selected access, dependent on patient preference, to progress research and develop medications.


We are empowering patients to have full control over their own health data. Patients can grant and revoke access to researchers and pharma companies as they see fit, earning revenue from permitting selected access to their data. All data is stored on the blockchain making it 100% secure and transparent.


We are closing the holes in the fabric of the current data healthcare system, allowing clear, open and secure communication between key stakeholders. By storing patients health data on one global decentralized system, we can facilitate more inclusive, progressive and effective data utilization.

How we do it

With the aid of blockchain technology, Medical Ledger will maintain an electronic health record (EHR) for every patient, reflecting a single true version of patient data. Our healthcare ecosystem will be a flexible and highly scalable platform that supports modern and future-proof EHRs and can host any number of third-party applications via its API.

Why we do it

We care about people and their right to a healthy life. Our aim is to improve the healthcare of patients worldwide whilst empowering them with a choice over how to use their data. We want to arm patients, medics and researchers with the information to improve patient care worldwide.

What's the current problem?

The current healthcare market is highly fragmented when it comes to your medical data. This causes poor communication between doctors and patients, and lack of data for vital research. For example, when a patient travels to another country on a holiday or to live, they don’t have immediate access to their medical history. This can lead to serious errors in diagnosis and prescribing treatment options.

Alongside this, we have a growing crisis in lifestyle-related diseases, currently, 70% of deaths globally are caused by diseases that can be addressed by primary prevention. This is the biggest gap in the current healthcare landscape and is estimated to cost $47 trillion within the next 15 years.

Our solution


Our blockchain-based data exchange platform integrates with healthcare systems worldwide facilitating open peer-to-peer communication between stakeholders. Patients medical records will be accessible to them, and their physician, in any country, anytime. The platform is highly scalable, adaptable, and future-proofed, supporting a wide range of EHRs and medical data globally, with the ability to host any number of third-party applications via its API.


Having access to patients’ health history allows physicians to make more informed decisions on diagnosis & treatment, increasing a patient’s self-efficacy over their own health. Research & pharma companies can purchase verified data, enhancing research worldwide. Advances in machine learning could be harnessed to provide new insights into the etiology and prediction of disease, and to enable patients to make informed decisions.

Key benefits for patients

  • Autonomy. Empowerment through self-directed governance of healthcare data.
  • Income. Option to earn additional income by providing access to anonymized parts of information
  • Security. Increased information security. Blockchain layer ensures that sensitive health data cannot be stolen or shared with third parties without patient’s permission. All patient data is anonymized.
  • Prevention. Increased quality of preventative & healthcare through pervasive and reliable data access.

Key benefits for healthcare professionals

  • Data access. Empowerment and autonomy through self-directed governance of their healthcare data
  • Improved healthcare. Increased quality of care through pervasive and reliable data access.
  • Connected network. Our integrated ecosystem connects all of the most important stakeholders in the healthcare industry, removing barriers to care caused by lack of interoperability.

Key benefits for researchers & pharma companies

  • Better research. Authorizing researchers to access a rich bank of anonymized health data allows them to build a fuller picture of many medical conditions leading to more effective treatments and diagnosis.
  • Fully compliant. Ethically safe access to selected parts of patient files for research. Data use and access compliant with both GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Reducing insurance premiums. Reduced costs through better prevention and thus better public health.

Our token

Our data ecosystem is supported by the MLG coin, an ethereum ERC-20 token. Transactions are processed & logged in the blockchain in a secure record:

  • Payment to patients for selected access to data
  • Payment to healthcare professionals for sharing selected information
  • Payment from researchers for anonymised data
  • Payment from pharmaceutical companies for anonymized data
  • Payment from patients & providers for individualized analytics & services

Our Platform


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Our team

Adam Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Christina Czeschik

Chief Medical Officer

Ratko Stambolija

Chief Marketing Officer

Chaga Ratnaweera

Chief Financial Officer

David Chung

Legal advisor

Ernestas Paznekas

Blockchain developer

Brett McPherson

Health Management Consultant

Fabian Thomas

Healthcare Manager

Matthias Lindhorst

Security Advisor

PJ Roghanchi

Director of Investor Relations

Shigeki Kakutani

Blockchain Advisor

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